makes my day

photo from Stephanie (dores)

photo from Anja (clever nettle)

It has been making my day, and past few days, to see my bags pop up twice on Hannah's new How To Wear series, starring the amazing Crenelle sweater. What a lovely surprise, and to have it happen twice! Crazy! I always love seeing people with their bags, it's like some kind of affirmation that yes, there are people out there who use the things I make - when you run your whole business mainly online, sometimes you forget this! I keep meaning to make a "you with your bag" picture page, I know I've mentioned it before but this time I'm really going to do it! So if your have a picture of you with your bag, please send it my way, I'll even send you a little thank you for your time!

But, more importantly, the spring version of the Crenelle sweater is so beautiful - and probably at the top of my want list right now. I feel like you could really wear a classic piece like this with everything and anything! I also just saw that leather is to be included in the new Hetterson collection - I am beyond excited about this!