Ellen (a.k.a. dusen dusen!) is having a super sweet additional sale on the remaining stock in her webshop - use the code SNIPS for an extra 50% off!! (From here.) I just scored one of the sunset sack dresses and am super psyched about it! It's actually the first thing I've bought in about a month - so I've actually been pretty good lately!

p.s. you knew I couldn't be totally quiet all week...

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Shirley said...

I wish I could say this was my first purchase all month! But it's not! AHHHH.

In all of five minutes (from seeing your blog post, to going to her shop, to deciding what to get) I bought myself the sunset sack dress too. Dang... there goes my hard earned money (partially self-employed... mostly unemployed. LOL). SIGH. This is what I get for going to your blog when I should be busy working at my internship (I'm multitasking... haha).

ANYWAY, once I get over the shock of making such an impulsive purchase (it's been a while since I've been this impulsive), I'll be happy knowing I paid way less than the original retail price. Even if it is a sample and not the "real deal". Pssh... it's all good.