Just some random shots from around the house past week. Things seem to be moving in slow motion, but I'm grateful for that because it has given me a lot of time to reflect. I feel about a million times better than I did just a week ago and I can't even put into words how good that is. Some of the scotomas that had been developing in my eye have retracted a bit and the inflammation has gone down. I feel much better sewing and am getting in the swing of things already.

We are going to New York on Thursday through Tuesday to get a second opinion from another doctor, but have made the trip a bit longer so we can have some fun too! I'm excited because I haven't been to the city since last fall - and I don't think Jesse and I have gone on a trip since the summer - so it's about time! Which leads me to another point, could you recommend some fun things to do while we are there? I tend to do the same things over and over again (re: shopping, museums, food) because I like them, but I want to mix it up this time and would love some suggestions! I'm especially keen on eating sushi, so if you know of a great sushi place I would be excited to hear about it. One thing I'm excited to do is check out the Pip-Squeak Chapeau shop in Brooklyn - I've never been but love their style so much. And of course there is more than one fabric store on my list. I'm also hoping to find a place that would carry the Margiela Tabi's so I can try them on in person - don't worry, I would never buy them, but I can dream. I see that Totokaelo has them in black now - and while I love the nude color, I know I would destroy them in a year. Black is a bit more practical.