March has, without a doubt, probably been the most insane month of my life. First things first, our trip to New York was great and I'm glad we went. We arrived on Thursday and just got back this evening. Friday was spent dilated in the doctors most of the day, and was then followed by a phone call from our upstairs neighbors / landlord that our apartment had been broken into. Can I just say, WTF? This seemed to set our trip off to a bit of a rocky start and needless to say we found it a bit tricky to get back up on our feet again. It just seemed like one thing after another. Luckily not much was stolen and nothing was vandalized but it still has left a bitter taste in my mouth given that it happened in the middle of broad daylight on a Friday morning. I've always been a very safe and cautious person but it still makes me have a weird feeling in my stomach thinking - what if I had been home working like any other day? Do I need to start keeping a baseball bat in the closet?

But, back to our trip. Our hotel was awesome, although somewhat oddly located in the middle of the financial district. But I'll take what I can get with a good priceline deal. Saturday and Sunday we walked around a lot - we went and saw Highline Park (which Kristien had recommended) and loved it! I'm so glad we got to see it - Jesse and I are big fans of anything train/industrial/old world travel related so this was a real treat to check out - so much so I couldn't believe I hadn't heard about it before! We also got to eat at Tomoe, which a few of your had suggested, and it was delicious!

Saturday night we had dinner at a great Japanese soba noodle restaurant with one my besties from days of old - great conversation and lots of catching up and lots of eating. It's so nice to still have strong connections with people I've known for a long time.

Shopping - I told myself it was okay to do some of this because things had been rough lately. At first I told myself I really didn't need to get anything. I soon learned otherwise after a few trips to both Muji locations and somehow picked up two dresses - both navy - a bundle of socks, two shirts for Jesse, and some bits and bobs. I ended up making my way (for the first time) to check out the Meat Packing district and going to Martin Margiela to try on the tabi flats. They are amazing - a little less sturdy than I imagined (similar to the weight of repettos), but still amazing. They didn't have my size thank goodness, but I tried on the 38's and they were probably about a half size too big - I'm a 7/7.5 and I probably need the 37.5. Still, this was good information to acquire for future reference. And of course I loved how all the employees were wearing lab coats - though I'm not sure Jesse knew what to make of it. Zero + Maria Cornejo was right next store so I popped in there too and really enjoyed seeing some of the pieces in person. If I was rich I would buy those clothes in a heart beat - the fabric and construction is really impeccable. Walking out of both stores I felt really inspired and couldn't wait to get home and get back to my machines.

I ate three donuts from Dean and Deluca's and now have a major food baby. Good thing I don't live there. I've decided I'm now going spend all my money on food instead of clothes.

I wickedly badly wanted this outfit from Isabel Marant. I probably would have gotten the shirt but the fit in the arms was a bit weird - kind of short and tight, but the fabric was amazing. The shorts were pretty sweet too.

I usually don't write in a monologue like this - hope you didn't mind. I'll try to take some pictures of my loot in the next few days (lots of fabric too - major score!) And the knitting project I finished along the way. Over and out! Clearly I'm too sleepy to be writing right now.


victoria / cats dreaming in keylime said...

We've had our place broken into before ... I know it could have been worse ... but it has always left me with that thought "anything is possible." I feel your anxiety!

Rūta said...

I can't even imagine what you felt when heard about break-in to your flat. Things like that comes so unexpected.
i actually like how shirts look on you and color combination is really great.

simple things said...

Well that is shit about the break in. They probably noticed that you were away and took the opportunity. Good to hear that they didn't take much or do any damage.

I hope the doctor gave you good news.

Are you going to share pictures of the tabi flats? I'm sorry, I have a one track mind!

Kristien said...

I am thrilled you and Jesse enjoyed the Highline! Aren't the lounge chairs on the train tracks awesome?

I am so sorry to hear about the break in. It has to be such a spooky feeling. I am happy that you didn't lose much, but that doesn't make up for the unsafe feeling.

I am hoping that you get really good news from the NYC eye doctor!

All best, Julia! (And that plaid fabric is fantastic. ;-) )

jennifer said...

oh no, i'm so sorry your apartment was broken into. at least they didn't take very much...but my god, what an awful thing to return to.

i'm happy you made it to tomoe! it's so good, right? and ugh, that IM outfit is so good. i wish i could afford to buy that shirt.

The Woolly Mammoth said...

Sorry to hear your place got broken into! It happened to me too, only we were asleep in the next room when it happened! The only thing that got taken was an old laptop, but it still feels horrible...
Anyway, glad to see you had fun in New York, and I hope your doctor gave you good news :)

Anonymous said...

so sorry about your place- a real violation. it sounds like you managed to enjoy yourself, tho.. nice to hear about it/see your photos!

Anonymous said...

So sorry about the break in- it is a creepy feeling... our neighborhood was getting hit over the summer and since I work from home during the day, it was pretty nerve racking everytime I heard the downstairs door open.

Anyway, were the Dean and Deluca donuts from Doughnut Plant? They are THE BEST, life changing and magical! When you go to their location, they have special flavors each day...

EvaForeva said...

Oh my! I would be so freaked out too. I am such a chicken and afraid of everything and everyone so after something like that I would probably have a baseball bat, pepper spray (let me know and Nelson can hook you up :-) and a huge knife nearby at all times. I hope you get over this quickly though :-).
I can't wait to see your new things.
Did the doctor say the same thing the first doctor was saying?

julia / rennes said...

Victoria - I understand - I feel so anxious now but I know it's not likely it will happen again soon so I'm crossing my fingers!

Ruta - Thank you for your support - it's not something I ever expected to happen so it came at quite a shock!

Hehe, I'm kind of wishing I had bought those things but I know I shouldn't have :p

Belinda - Yes, seeing the doctor was very helpful. I'm glad I went - getting a second opinion is always a good thing and I think it made me realize that many heads are better than one!

Hehe, I thought you might ask because I know you want them too! I didn't take any pictures of them because the store clerk was right there and I felt self-conscious! They were really lovely though, they also had them in red and a few perforated leathers, but they were out of so many of the sizes!

Kristien - Thank you so much for suggesting it - I never would have heard of it otherwise - so fun to explore a new part of town! I'm going to have to try all the other places you suggested next time we go, there's never enough time!

Jennifer - It was so good! It was the first place we went when we got in on Thursday! I was so hungry and I ate way more than I should have. I can't wait to go back!

Woolly Mammoth - I can't believe they broke in while you were home - that's so awful/creepy! And I think the worst part isn't what they take, it's the feeling that somehow someone has invaded your privacy. I understand how you feel completely. Thank you for the good wishes too w/ the doctor :)

Caitlin - Yes! We tried so hard to put our best foot forward and have good weekend anyways, it took a little bit of time but then we were like - F this, we're on vacation and we're going to have fun :)

Cristalle - I know exactly what you mean about the front door! Now everytime I hear it I jump - but I'm sure I'll relax back into everything in good time. So sorry it happened to your neighbor. And YES! The donuts were from the donut plant, they are sooo freaking good I could eat like five everyday. Probably good thing I don't live nearby!

Jenya - I'm such a chicken too! Every little thing makes me jump now - but we have new better locks now so I feel better about it all already. Hehe, maybe Nelson can hook me up, haha! I'm going to email you re: your last question :)

Hannah Elise said...

That's so creepy about the break in, good thing you weren't there, whew! I'm so glad you had fun in NY, and ugghh, I love that IM buffalo plaid shirt.

btw, I admire your restraint, I would of had such a hard time parting with the red tabi flats.

kristin renner said...

Duuude my boyfriend and I were in NYC last weekend too! Too bad we didnt cross paths. You'll def have to come to Philly again sometime and meet up :)