A little while ago I stumbled across a great simple sock pattern (it's free!) on the Lion Brand website. I made Jesse a pair for Valentine's day (so he's already worn them a few times) and just finished up the other pair this afternoon. I knit his pair with fisherman's wool and the second pair with left over berocco yarn from my cardigan. It's such an easy pattern, I can see making these again and again! I had never grafted a toe before (though I had used something similar to make a seamless seam once) and it was kind of tricky at first but then I got used to it. The other thing that's been bugging me is not getting my ssk's to look exactly like my k2tog's - does this happen to you too? The k2tog looks perfect and smooth, but the ssk is always a bit lumpy. I keep working on it to make the stitches more even (and blocking does help) but they never look exactly the same. I'm probably just crazy.

Random thought for the day: Smiling and making more eye contact with strangers. (Not in the creepy way mind you). Already did this 3-4 times today, and got a smile back once or twice. Sometimes everyone looks so glum in Boston like they want to punch a puppy or something. Luckily today is absolutely gorgeous and nothing can wipe a smile off my face. Except my smile was wonky because I had novocaine and was lop-sided, so maybe I was creepy after all. Oh well, I try.


debbie said...

these are really nice. did you have to hold 2 strands together like the pattern suggests?

smiling at people is fun! :)

elena gold said...

hey julia! these are super sweet socks. just wanted to mention that the blog techknitter often has answers to my little knitting puzzles, she's amazing. i believe she has some ideas about the decreasing issues you mentioned. its a good site to know about nonetheless. good luck! x, elena

Kim said...

How ironic that Elena mentioned the Techknitting blog. I stumbled across it this week when I was looking for a solution to knitting jogless stripes. I second the recommendation.

I love the socks and will keep this pattern in mind. Ah, so many things I want to knit, so little time.

ps. You should come to the South where it seems like everyone is open to conversation (even when you might not feel like talking). It's actually pretty nice, though!

C said...

Those socks look super smooth to me! I'm curious about the weight of the yarn that you used, since the pattern does call for using two yarns at once and is written for fairly large needles (at least sock-wise...)

julia said...

debbie - no , just used one yarn for the marled socks and it turned out okay in terms of the weight of the yarn. :)

elena & kim - awesome! i'm going to go and check it out now! thanks for the tip :)

c- the marled ones are lions brand fishermans wool and i'm pretty sure it's worsted weight yarn that recommend sz. 9 needles but I'm a super loose knitter so I usually would have to downsize to 5's anyways to get the right gauge. the one other time i knit socks i used size 2 and 1's and the sock yarn was much smaller. i liked that these were a bit bigger so they knit quicker.

jennifer said...

These are fantastic. I've been looking for a good basic sock pattern. I can't wait to try this one out. I've never knit socks using worsted weight yarn before. Do they come out super thick and heavy?

stephanie renee said...

i love these!