how i'd wear it : primoeza small shapes cardi

I recently did a trade with Elizabeth for one of her amazing knit sweaters! I know I've mentioned Primoeza about fifty times before - but I feel so lucky to now own one of her pieces! It arrived about two weeks ago I have barely taken it off - it's such a great transition piece between winter and spring. The alpaca wool is so soft and the light brown color can easily work in every season.

+ Primoeza small shapes cardigan (now available in black too!)
+ Gap kids white overalls (had these since 6th grade and I haven't grown any taller!)
+ Fluxus blue tee shirt
+ string and brass bead necklace that I made
+ dieppa restrepo oxfords
+ and I finally had some time to make myself a duffle bag! It's nice to make something just for you once and a while!

I also had to include this picture of Elizabeth with her new bag - look at her awesome summery outfit! I'm so jealous it's summer in Australia right now - jealous!!