gates at fushimi inari

I've found myself quite tongue tied in relation to the earthquake and all the aftermath. Disasters always strike home in the hearts of many people but for some reason this one strikes harder. I don't think I remember ever visiting a country that amazed me on so many levels, and I don't think a day goes by where I don't dream about going back. I'm not too good with words so I'll give you some words from a close friend who has been deeply effected:

"My late grandmother's name was Chrysanthemum in Japanese (Kiku). Whenever I see the flower, I think of her. They are also the Japanese national flower. White ones are symbol of death. They are in the vase with a single strand of up ward growing branch with tiny purple buds on. They are you, and your friends, and everybody else. They are the people who are praying and giving for Japan. They symbolize the hope for Japan; the hope to overcome this tremendous hardship and become even more strong and beautiful.


For the next bit Yoshie will be donating all of her shop proceeds to the Civic Force relief for the earthquake. She is going home to Tokyo in a week and will be helping all she can while she is there.

I will also be doing something similar for the next two weeks in my shop - 20% of all sales will be donated to a relief fund. (I did quietly re-open both my shops the other day, just forgot to mention it). Thank you so much.

Update: A few other places are having similar donations for earthquake relief:

-Elizabeth is having a sweater raffle where all the proceeds will go to the relief. Each ticket is $10 and you get to pick from one of her pocket sweaters.

-Hannah will also be donating 5% of her shop proceeds up her shop update this Friday.

*If your shop/blog/etc. is doing something similar let me know and I will add it to this list :)*