riley spring tote : in the shop now

I made this new bag yesterday and will be adding it to the shop in a few minutes. As someone who is on the short side of things, this is a perfect bag size for someone my height. (5'3" for a point). I always seem to make rather large bags and then only come to find later that they feel too big for me - but this one is just right! And I think it would be good for a tall person too. I have one made now and in stock and materials to make about 3-4 more. I had fun experimenting with hand-stitching the handles with cotton thread that I waxed with beeswax - it takes a little more time but I really like the simple accent it makes. (Inspired by the single stitch on the tabi flats? perhaps :) )....have a nice weekend everyone! More pouches and such coming soon, hopefully next week, so stay tuned...

p.s. Okay I admit it. I bought the SA Reina sweater and Bodkin Santa Ana shorts in NY...I'm so bad, but I couldn't help myself.