spring wish list, ever expanding

Too many things to count on the ever expanding wish list - like the ever expanding universe. (Watched a good Nova on that the other day! I love Nova!) Today it was sixty degrees and therefore I was convinced it was time to wear shorts. I think I'm ready for summer, but whether it's ready still seems up in the air.

+A.L.C. Striped rugby sweater from Net-a-Porter. Ran into this at Barney's a few weeks ago and loved it. Way too expensive, but loved it. Very much like the Isabel Marant one.

+Wendy Nichols bag from Anaise - is it weird I still want other people's bags when I can make them? I think not, that leather uh-mazing!

+A Detacher clutch from 11th Moon - the color is killing me!

+ You know these red shoes well already I'm sure.

+ I'm not much of a jewelry or ring person but this Conroy and Wilcox one has always seemed perfect. I always told myself that if I was to wear a ring everyday it would be from some ancient dig site, and well, this kind of looks like that!