arts and science & universal utility

photos from Arts & Science.

Lately the only kinds of clothes I have wanted to wear are loose fitting - I think depending on the fabric, draping, and styling, loose clothing can be so much more flattering than more fitted styles. Over the past few weeks I can't stop going back and looking at two different companies - first Arts & Science, a Japanese company. So far I've seen their items for sale at both Creatures of Comfort and Worthwhile, and they have a website as well, but no online shop.

photos from envoy of belfast.

Then the other day I stumbled upon a British company called Universal Utility - though I can't find anything about them anywhere online. The only reason I found them was through the shop Envoy of Belfast in Northern Ireland. (This shop also carries many other great lines- and their shipping is so fast - I'll give you one chance to guess what sale item I ordered!) I love the light weight linen and effortless look to both brands - easy transition pieces from season to season.


Chaucee said...

ah i love simple clothes like these. thanks for the tip!

Ruth said...

wow, i love how bohemian and earthy and minimalistic these are!

janul said...

So inspiring, thanks a lot for these beautiful photos. The shop seems quite expensive, but it´s lovely to look at for sure :). Jana

victoria / cats dreaming in keylime said...

I have to study these and try to make them myself b/c it's impossible to find these cuts here!

Anna said...

I lean lately toward loose-fitting clothes, too. I feel so much better in the heat of summer, wearing airy things (I finally got a Vestiaire de Cle piece, and Pipsqueak chapeau certainly ascribes to that aesthetic, too).

The Universal Utility stuff is amazing! I'm in love with the Bloom trousers. Thanks for the introduction!