this week around the work room

+ Because I'm to lazy to write in paragraph format right now, here's a list instead!

+ Makes me excited to see a full rack of bags again.

+ Did ikea discontinue these hanging ceramic containers? I've checked five times over the past year and can't find them anymore. A bummer, the two I have are packed to the brim and constantly spill their pen ridden contents.

+ I hung my Pulp poster! And by hang I mean taped it up. Because I've had it for 7 years with intentions to frame it and well, it just hasn't happened yet. Laziness triumphs.

+ Duffle bags being sewn, and sewn, and sewn.

+ New color swatches in the mail. A bit pricier than the hides I've bought in the past, but I'm very much in love with some of them so I think I will go for it!

+ Pouch orders being shipped off to stores...

+ Piles of things cut out waiting to be sewn.

+ A bag for Erica! We went to the arboretum today, it was so nice out! You can see a really cute picture of Leon with Cocoa here! :)

+ And that's the week in a nutshell! Hope you guys have been having a nice week!