We painted our dining room over the weekend. Before it was a beige/cream color - which isn't a bad color in and of itself, it just didn't work in the room because 1. it was glossy, yes, the walls were glossy, and 2. the room is dark for most of the day. Therefore, a nice white seemed like a good option (just like our living room). We did the whole room in one day except for the china cabinet because it's a big project by itself and would be easier to tackle later.

I got this book last March when I was in New York. I really love all the hand stitching leather work. I keep wanting to give it a go but then I never have the time. Also been on the hunt for some perfect red leather, a search that's proving somewhat difficult.

Another book I got as well, with some different clothing designs in it. I want to make a light weight fall jacket with a perfect linen/wool tweed. I think I might use the pattern on the right as a base for it. I wanted something with a loose fit, and this seems like a good place to start, sans those black panels - not a big fan of those.

Things might be quiet on here the next week or so as I'm trying to get something exciting together, hopefully I'll be able to share that with you soon!