are we there yet

wagon image from here.

"Are we there yet?" is something I said all the time growing up. Between multiple car trips back and forth to the mid west, loaded up on mad libs, cassette tapes, and other games, nothing seemed to make those long drives go quick enough, and almost every hour came the question, "are we there yet?" or "is this our exit?"

Now I find myself posing the same question - but not about a car trip. For some reason I can't help but wonder things like am I at the right place in life and do I have the right job and should I be doing more and so and so is doing x, should I be doing x too - essentially, am I there yet? I know these questions are normal to ask no matter where you are and what you are doing, no matter the ups and downs, the successes or failures, everyone is asking themselves the same things.

We have a friend who is working right now at a bio lab and people ask him "so, aren't you applying to grad programs? If you aren't now, when are you going to have time to publish and research?" To these questions he responds he isn't in a rush, and he's just taking things as they come to him. And good for him I say, why rush? Why are we in such a rush to do better and go faster? It will be a great thing if one day we wake up and are proud of ourselves for being just as we are right now.