Working on a new dress pattern. I've always loved racer-back tanks and dresses, and have had trouble getting the fit of them right in the past. This time I worked on it a little longer and it turned out okay.

The fabric is a light weight cotton ikat which is perfect for this hot weather. And the best thing is it barely wrinkles either. Now I just have to decide what to do with the remaining nine yards - a hard decision.


Belinda [simple things] said...

Very pretty. I am a fan of the dropped-waist.

Could it look cute with the stripes running vertically in the bottom section too?

The dress looks great on you, by the way.

erica said...

looks great with the dropped waist. i love racerbacks, especially when they're narrower. makes such a difference in sticky weather!

julia / rennes said...

Belinda - Thank you! I like dropped waists too! That's so funny that you mention having the bottom striped go vertically because I was seriously considering that and then decided to keep them horizontal - hey, but maybe next time!

Erica - Sometimes I feel like the only shirts/tanks I want to wear in the summer are racer backs! Everything else feels too heavy. The only thing is they can be a bit annoying with bras and all, even with the one that cross in the back.

Lindsay said...

Awwwww! I LOVE the stripes & the drop waist!! Cute.