québec pt. 1 : marché du vieux port

I had never been to Québec City before, and we had a really great time! Spent yesterday and this morning sorting through all the pictures we took - there are so many to go through but I thought I'd start by sharing one of my favorite parts of the city: the market. Every morning fresh produce is brought in from the Île d'Orléans, a small island nestled right in the St. Lawrence river about a fifteen minute drive from the city. I was surprised to see how affordable all the berries and vegetables are - I'm sure many of them are in season now, but it couldn't help make me wish that there was something more like this in Boston. I've definitely come away from the trip with a desire to eat better and cook more.

I think one of the tricky things about working from home is that it's hard to give yourself a break and let go - for instance, lunch for me usually consists of standing while making a PB&J sandwich for two minutes and going back to work - but after the trip I'm promising myself this is going to change - at least a fifteen minute lunch break where I actually sit down!


jennifer said...

oh wow, everything looks so delicious! i've heard that quebec city is really cool (and very european looking). i want to visit one of these days. can't wait to see your other pictures!

EvaForeva said...

Such beautiful photos and colors! I wish we would have more of that in Philly too.

Anonymous said...

i'm only three hours from quebec city, but i have yet to make it over there. now i'm dying to go! : )

Anonymous said...

beautiful photos! I love markets, and often wish we had something more alive here as well. And I know what you mean about working from home - lunch here is usually non-existent, but TODAY I cooked mung bean dahl and brown rice and I think we all worked harder, and with more enthusiasm, with a full meal in our bellies.

julia / rennes said...

Jennifer - It definitely is very European looking - which is so weird when you're there and you remind yourself that you are still in North America! It's definitely worth a visit :)

Jenya - I wish there were more markets too! At least you guys have Reading Terminal - that's much better than anything here in Boston :)

Popcornsnaps - Oh yes! You should go, especially if you are that close. Are you in Canada or close to the border in the US? I think it's a perfect little city for a weekend getaway :)

Abby - It's so good to hear that you have the same issue with working at home! I always feel so much better after I've given myself time to sit and eat (and the work I make after is usually better like you said!) - and I know I'd be even more inspired to do so with more markets!