québec pt. 3 : the city

We saw so much in the city itself it's hard to cover it all! The night we arrived we walked around everywhere and ended up down by the water a few times only to find the only way back up to the top of the city was to climb up a huge set of stairs - Jesse counted and it was a total of eighteen flights - suffice it to say my legs were very sore the next day. I've never been to a city with so many hills - except perhaps San Francisco. Luckily all the walking was quite handy in burning off all the pastry calories.

Some high lights were : Seeing the Ballet Russes exhibit at Fine Art museum, the Rome exhibit at the Museum of Civilization, The Ursuline Convent Museum, riding the Funicular, walking around the city walls and the Plains of Abramham, the architecture, cobble stone streets, Palliard (a pastry shop, not pictured), and the Dufferin Terrace. We also had a few good macaroons along the way.


joyce said...

what a fun trip! i've never been to quebec city -- your photos make me want to go.

julia / rennes said...

you guys should definitely go! plus, you are much closer than us already! the downtown area can be a bit touristy but once i got over that part i absolutely loved it :)

Ella said...

Such a cute photo of you guys!

anna of (green gable) said...

I love Quebec city! What great photos! I'm glad you enjoyed your stay!

xo, Anna of [Green Gable]

Kim said...

Seeing all of these photos makes me want to go back with Ryan even more. I want to explore the outer areas now after seeing your adventures.

I can't remember if I told you this, but one of the kids at my summer program accidentally deleted all of our honeymoon pictures from my camera! It was stupid of me in the first place to have used the same camera for our honeymoon....we had just returned from the trip and the program started three days later. Anyhow, I've always said that I would like to go back to recreate the photos.

Megan Taylor said...

Gorgeous photos!! I visited Quebec City when I lived in Maine. It was so beautiful! Would love to go back. Thanks for sharing!