Hey guys! I just dropped off a ton of stuff at Nomad in Cambridge (right over the river from Boston for those who may not be familiar with our geography!). I'm excited to have a shop carry some of the duffle bags, they are my favorite bag I've ever made, and each time I look at them I realize how much my sewing has improved since three years ago. I was going through some things in storage the other day and came across one of the first bags I made - an "oxford bag" - but I doubt anyone who reads this now would even remember that! And if you don't, don't go looking for it because I'm ashamed to say I made them! But I think it's a good perspective to have - and plus, we all have to start somewhere.

For those who may be in the area and interested in, Nomad has one large duffle in black, two mini duffles in denim and dinosaur taupe, one backpack in black, two market totes in black and cognac, a new market tote-ish style, 8" pouches, and quite a few 6.5" pen sized pouches - a new size! Oh, and do you see that peachy-pulp color above? It's the best leather ever. When I first saw this leather I thought of the Dieppa shoes I purchased last spring. I had to sell them because the rise in the back was too high for my ankle bones, and have been mourning the loss ever since. Luckily now I have two lambskins hides, which I will call pulp in honor of my favorite shoes I couldn't have, and my favorite band. All these new pouches will also be in my shop this upcoming Monday.

I just got a few new hides in the mail today, including this light grey one. It looks like granite and marble, and has a handle almost reminiscent of paper. Not too thick, not too thin, but just right and it will wear beautifully. I have a feeling I'm going to wish I could get my hands on more than just two hides of it. I also received two hides in navy and plum - both pull-up hides with a waxy finish.

I also got some samples. I can barely pick the ones I want because I love them all. The turquoise on the bottom is a must. What do you think?