Rainy days always make me think of the Tindersticks. I was lucky enough to see them live a few years ago and it was a perfect show. I don't usually pay much attention to voices, but the lead singer, Stuart Staples, has such a good voice.

On the same note, I'm sorry for all the music posts lately! I suppose I'm listening to a lot of music right now to pass the time while working. I'm trying to get a lot done and sometimes I fall short of what I set out to do - I suppose it's a lesson in learning that I'm human and can only do so much - even though I want to do so much more. This season, instead of aiming for a f/w collection, I'm thinking of doing a small winter/holiday collection. Ideally I would love to wait and do a shoot in a big snowstorm, but it's hard to get the timing right with that kind of thing!