images from christie's and a few other places I can't quite recall.

Recently I've been collecting images of Delft Tiles in hopes when we own a house someday we might do some tiling in the kitchen, or maybe along a fire place. The miniature scenes on the tiles are so delicate and small, and when you have a large panel of them together they are quite stunning.


Kim said...

My mom and I are selling a Delft vase in our antique booth right now. Funny to see this post from you because it made me think of you! I love Delft as well and I'm thinking of keeping the vase back for myself. (Can you believe that we bought it for $10 and it's worth $110?)

carol-ine said...

These tiles are really pretty. I love when I learn the names of things because I use to just umbrella all of them under Spanish tiles (anything with a design I called it that). And like you I save so many images of my future home.