Working on my first project on the knitting machine - a raglan sweater. Drafting it was interesting and fun. I've never made my own knitting pattern and enjoyed converting the flat pattern measurements in inches to the number of stitches, rows, increases, and decreases I would need to make in the sweater. I did all the math from scratch at first (and by I, I mean We - as Jesse came in handy for figuring out some formulas) - but later I discovered a few knitting calculators that helped with placing increases and decreases. I felt like I was using a part of my brain that only gets used when I try to learn a foreign language! (Latin, I'm thinking of you!)

For a change, I'm machine sewing the pieces together instead of by hand - I like how it turned out as sometimes seams can get so bulky. Still one more sleeve to knit and a little finishing work to do, but then I'll be done. I'm going to hand knit the neckband - I can't decide whether to do a rolled neck or a ribbed neck. I think I'm leaning towards the rolled neckband. Either way, I'm sure I'll show you in a few days!