images from worthwhile.

Coats. I know, I'm going to talk about coats - again, but at least it's been a year. So, major bummer. When the cold front moved in over the past few days I found out something that I had been dreading, because I knew it would be true. The APC coat is tight. I can wear it without a sweater underneath okay, but with a sweater? Forget it. Like almost ALL the woven items I own, nothing fits me right now. The days of extra smalls and smalls are long gone, I have graduated to a medium. I hope that in time, my body will go back to normal post-medications; but, that seems unlikely for right now, and since I don't want to sit and pout about the way things are, I might as well take everything in stride.

Case in point : the Isabel Marant Xabi Coat. (Above images from Worthwhile). I tried it on over the weekend and I like the idea of it, but the person who I love to drag in stores informed me it was too slouchy and shapeless. I usually listen to him, but in this case I'm not sure. Right now all I want are slouchy clothes. I love the look of these coats on everyone else, but I'm thinking maybe I'm too short to pull it off. The fabric seems like it's well made (mostly wool and alpaca with only a teeny bit of poly, which is better than the duffle coat) and it seems like it would be warm with plenty of room for layering. For now I'm holding back, and keeping up with the "not buying unnecessary clothing" (something I instituted for myself at the end of the summer - so far so good!). Still, it would be good to have a better coat option for the winter.