speckle dress by hetterson

Hannah! You've done it again! (I've just used one exclamation point here, but really three or four are required: !!!!) Beautiful new dress by Hetterson! For more information, check out the shop here. I can't imagine a more perfect summer dress!


erica said...

yes so beautiful1! but here's my dumb question, what do you wear underneath with such skinny straps? is it sad that i worry about these things?

but i would love to wear this dress with a pair of red sandals. preferably while on a boat. hah!

julia said...

oh i know, the dress plus red sandals would be perfect on a boat!

haha, you know what? in the past few months i have decided that bras are overated and don't wear them as much. granted i don't really need much of anything anyways, but i've become a lot more comfortable with not wearing one. i bet one of the loup charmant ones would work well under this dress, or something like that that has an airy feel.

Hannah Elise said...

AW, thanks Julia :)

Erica- I'm wearing a strapless bra in the photos. I don't much care for bras, so for the most part I just wear tank tops (or even tube tops) of a similar shade underneath such strappy things. If the tank is lacy or has a sweet pattern, the contrast can look really great too :)

zion said...

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