Boro, front

Boro, back.

It's cloudy so these pictures are blurry, but I wanted to show this 'new to me' boro textile. I've always known that it was only a matter of time before I purchased one, but now I'm sure it will be the first in a long line I hope to collect. This one isn't in the best condition, (a few holes) but I love it.


k. wang said...

i love this, too. i like the fact that it's a little beat up in places, makes me think it's got much more personality that way and has lived a fuller life than its more pristine cousins. fuller (obviously) meaning more badass. ;)

do you ever do anything patchwork with any of your smaller fabric or leather leftovers? it would be cool to start making something like this and doing trades with others who are also prone to collecting fabric (or leather) scraps!

NICOMADE said...

it's beautiful - a good purchase :) what will you do with it?

julia said...

k - i've always wanted to do something with all my scraps. i barely throw them away, someday i want to make some kind of crazy quilt, but i know i'll never find the time! maybe in 35 years when i'm retired? haha!!

nicole - i haven't decided! chances are i'm just going to hang it up as it is, but part of me is tempted to cut it up & make some bags. :)