Walk for Vision


I've decided to participate in the Walk for Vision this August held by Ocular Imunology and Uveitis Foundation. The walk is a 5k walk around the Charles River in Boston, and both Jesse and I will be walking for it. As some of you may know, I have a very rare eye disease and am happy to share my story on a fundraising page here. I have been very lucky and have received great care from different doctors in the Boston area, and it is my hope to raise money so that more research can be done to find treatment for these blinding diseases. Thank you for your love and support!!

P.S. I'm just realizing this now as a few lovely people have donated to OIUF that it specifies your name and the amount donated, which I don't really feel is appropriate- I'm sorry about that I had no idea! I'm going to work to see if there is something I can do about it, though I doubt it since there isn't an option for that on my end and I don't administer the site directly. Please do feel free to type your name in as "anonymous" as I have seen another person on the site do that.


Anonymous said...

glad to know more about this, and I hope you & Jesse enjoy this walk. I've done the MS walk a couple times in the past few years (my mom has MS) & have found it to be a genuinely supportive, hopeful, helpful place to be

Belinda said...

Nice one. Great story, too.

One of my best friends has an auto immune disorder that affects her lungs and kidneys. So I have seen what the steroid/chemo/immune suppressant roller coaster is like. Blah - not fun. It's annoying when something is so rare that not much effort goes into researching it. I hope someone starts researching it soon and they find a cure. x

julia said...

thank you caitlin and belinda, thanks for your kind words and for sharing. i really appreciate it :)