It's been nice to appreciate where we live in a new way (without all my work stuff here). There's more room to spread out now, and I feel more content just being at home. I am starting to have a new appreciation and obsession with empty space, clutter be gone! I can't wait for the weekend to start. I hope you have a great weekend as well!

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k. wang said...

love these snapshots of your home. i've been in a constant state of 'de-clutter' too, since having moved to a tiny studio apartment in new york with the boyfriend, two cats and a dog - a drastic change from the two bedroom with parking spaces we used to have in la.

even though i maxed out my shopping budget for the month already, i am very, very seriously contemplating the milo!

Catherine said...

Love that photo of the open cage. Cocoa must out playing somewhere!

Kim said...

We have been de-cluttering left and right! It feels so good to get rid of things. Like you can breath better. It gets to the place where all of the stuff you have feels like a burden. Of course, there is more room for the baby when he gets here, too!

Anna said...

Hello, beautiful space! I have that Quilts of Provence book, too... don't you love those fabrics?

joyce said...

Your space is so airy tranquil -- I love all the white and textiles. The aqua bench is fantastic!

handmade romance said...

your home looks beautiful. such lovely light too. it looks like a nice time of the year : )

julia said...

Thanks guys! The whole space has definitely been a work in progress :) Finally coming together, I hope...

Alexandra said...

You have a beautiful home.