world's end



We visited one of my favorite places in the Boston area, World's End, this past weekend. It's one of the sites managed by the Trustees of the Reservation. If you are ever in the area, you really should visit. (I recommend the fall when the leaves are turning!) It's the kind of place that makes you feel like you've stepped into a Jane Austin novel!


erica said...

Why did i never know about this? It looks beautiful...maybe next time we're in town.

samanthajoy said...

beautiful dress! where is it from?

julia said...

Erica - Yes! How didn't you know about this place? You would love it! Definitely go the next time you're here!

Samantha - The dress is by Ilana Kohn, the style is the clipper dress.

Kim said...

I wanted to visit World's End while we were living in Mass, but never made it. It looks wonderful.

Mathilde Bel said...

Nice place and beautiful dresse !

julia said...

Kim- I know you would love it. We should go next time you're here!

Mathilde- Thank you!