A few photos from this past weekend at Old Sturbridge Village. I can still remember my field trip here in third grade. Awww. Except this time was more fun because the geek in me enjoyed asking questions and hearing the answers.

How cool is that carding mill? There was one that made roving and one that made quilt batting. And they still work after 200 years! It doesn't get cooler than that!


joyce said...

beautiful! are those wheels of cheese or ceramics waiting to be fired in the second photo?

Anonymous said...

looks like a really fun weekend trip!

k. wang said...

you always take the most picturesque vacations! i swear, soon we'll be able to go to even half these places you've been to; they're all the perfect pictures of new england charm.

julia said...

joyce - wheels of cheese! there was a ceramic house & kiln too, though I didn't get any pictures of it.

metrode - yes, it was. i thought of you when i saw some people dying wool!

k - haha, that's funny. i always think my photos are kind of silly! i grew up very near this place, and other things like it. i'm sure me 10 years ago would laugh at me taking pictures of it now :P

handmade romance said...

awesome! that first image is amazing. loving the fences in that last pic too but everything you've shared in these pics depicts this place as a little heavenly slice of times past x