Sorry these pictures are fuzzy, I never seem to bring my real camera to work these days. All things considered, I should be, because I'm pretty excited about some of the things shown here. It's funny the second you lay a rug down, the space instantly becomes more homey. I was excited to take this one out of "storage" at my parents house this past weekend. I think I still need to build one more table and then will finally have enough cutting, sewing, and desk space. I can't believe I've already been in this space for four months! It went by really quick.

You see all those stripes? That's 125 yards of fabric, an amount I've never fathomed ordering before! A little while ago I mentioned I was trying to find a certain kind of fabric, well, I couldn't find it, so I had it made. I was given a really great recommendation (thank you C :) !) of a mill in France. They were so great to work with. I'm already excited for the next time I order, though it might be a while before I need any! So you can definitely expect to see some new things this fall, a new color-way for the Enkidu dress, some totes, clothes, and pretty much anything else I can think to make out of it.


k. wang said...

i am SO excited to see the enkidu dress in this fabric! i cannot wait. it looks stunning, and by that i mean both fabric and how far the space has come along. :)

The Aquarians said...

OH MY GOD this post makes it so difficult to not walk out of work right now and go home to my studio to make what i love. Your blog is always inspiring, but this is just a little taste of heaven.

Or heaven as I imagine it, at least! Nice rug, too.

Belinda said...

The rug does make it more homely. It's a really beautiful space.

And those fabrics! I think you're onto a winner there. Are you going to make that vest for the store? It's really great. Actually, I think you should be making more clothing to sell. You're great at it.

leanne said...

The rug really brings the room together :)

I can't wait to see what you make of the fabric - any chance of that gorgeous, perfect, drapey dress that you posted last week?!

ilana kohn said...

can't wait to visit this beautiful space in person!

julia said...

k - thanks! i'm so excited to sew it in that fabric too! :)

the aquarians - aw, thanks, that's so sweet of you to say. i really appreciate it! yes, you should go home to your studio and make some things !

belinda - yes! i am. i'm pretty excited with how it turned out, i just need to figure out a closure. hopefully i'll have some other things too. thank you!!

leanne - yes, i think i will be! it might be a bit different, there are still a few things i want to tweek about it, but certainly something like it!

ilana - i can't wait for you guys to come either! september is almost here!

carla. said...

i love your blog and your work! i was curious what sewing machine do you use? it's huge! i'm looking for one to do small leather pieces but i'm on a budget.. any tips would be wonderful!