Whoops. Earlier today I had been working on a post that I had started over the weekend and just realized I accidentally hit publish when I meant to hit save as draft. (Jesse keeps telling me I can enlarge text so I can read it better, clearly I'm still too proud to do that...anyways). I'm so sorry if you read that in a not finished, somewhat rant-ridden philosophical state. I'm sure we all do this, and I'm sure I'm not the only one who deletes more than half of the things they've written. It's become harder for me to make this a less personal, more focused work space. My thoughts often run away with me before I have the chance to sit back and fully reflect on them, thus, my intention to "save as draft". We're all human. Anyways, I'm so sorry if you left a comment on that - I got a few and I wanted to say thank you - I appreciate them! But sadly they went away when I got rid of the post, so my apologies for that.


Carolynn Bullard said...

I really loved your last post! I enjoyed how personable and open it was :)

k. wang said...

aw, i'm sorry that post is no longer. i'd read it and it's stewed with me for the past several hours, something i had wanted to sit on for a bit as i too had some thoughts that i was clearing up in my own head to share.

anyway, i know that the blog space isn't a space where most people prefer to air their dirty laundry, but i also think it's the personal moments shared on blogs where the blog writer provides the investment in their readers, much in the same vein as their readers invest their own time and energy into reading the blog. it's easy to post facts, anyone can do it. but i like to think if we think back to our favorite books, stories, anecdotes, it's the bits of personal touches, the personal heartaches and the triumphs, that make us really connect with the characters. and who's to say blogs should be any different?

Belinda said...

You're funny. Im sure we've all done something like tat.

I thought it was a great post. :)