My current obsession: Onigiri. They are the best snack food / small meal! I could probably live off of these things. My favorite it spicy tuna, without a doubt, followed by takana. Luckily there's a Japanese bakery on the way home from work - I usually stop there everyday. Most days they are out of spicy tuna by the time I get there, but there other day I lucked out and got one. Score! They look pretty easy to make too, I should probably try that given how many I buy.


Angela Barnes said...

I was obsessed with fresh onigiri's made to order in Japan while I was there.

Funny story, I was so tired from wandering around one day that I went back to my hotel to take a nap. While I was napping, my friend went out and bought me a onigiri and when she came back and mentioned it, I literally popped awake for a second, long enough to grab the onigiri and put it beside me in bed, haha.

My favourite ones are made with salmon and roe!

nileta said...

i have not idea what they taste like, but they sure look nice :)

julia said...

angela - that's so funny! i'm sure you had a great treat then when you finally woke up! they are the best!

nileta - yes! they're great! you have to try them!

joyce said...

i love onigiri! my mother-in-law makes them for us when we travel; they're the best road food.

jennifer said...

oh man, onigiri is one of my favorite things ever! i wish they were easy to get in philly, because i often have cravings for them! they're all over the place in taipei, but i swear that the best ones are sold at 7-11 (the convenience stores in asia are so much better than the american ones). my favorite is with dried pork or fish, though if they had spicy tuna, i'd be all up in that jawn.

Yoshie Hozumi said...

YES!!!! I wholeheartedly agree!! They are for sure the #1 missing home-comfort-quick/easy snak food of my life! I make them for lunches sometimes with umeboshi (pickled plum), you might like it!

AH! SO GOOD. I'm so happy you enjoy them on a regular basis too!