rennes & metrode woven tote bags







Over the past few months Caitlin and I have been working on a new project.  Caitlin wove different insets and sent them to me, and then I sewed the bags and pouches.  Each bag is a one of a kind and are available for purchase in my shop and one of the clutches will be available at metrode shortly. We hope that you like them!

I also have a few other exciting things to share this week, so check back soon!

photos : julia / hand modeling : kirsta / old door : brook farm dedham, ma


Belinda said...

These are just so beautiful, Julia. This is a winning partnership between you and Caitlin.

k. wang said...

oh my goodness. these are stunning, julia! i had seen a peek on instagram, but to see these in their totality leaves me speechless.

joyce said...

Gorgeous and perfect for Fall. Nice work!

stephanie renee said...

These are so beautiful!

julia said...

Thank you everyone! Glad to hear you like them ;)

ilana kohn said...

and oh my goodness these bag are amazing. man you've been on a roll lately, haven't you?! :)

kristin said...

These are truly beautiful bags Julia! love the weavings :)