sweaters, clogs, etc.

Two things I've been thinking about lately - a red crewneck sweater and a pair of tan clogs. I think I had a hand-me-down red sweater like this growing up - I'm not sure where it went, but since then I feel a bit nostalgic about red sweaters. Red corduroy also gives me that same feeling but I don't think I've owned anything made out of red corduroy. Tan clogs seem perfect because they go with anything and everything, summer, winter, fall - they cover all the seasons. The above sweater is Margaret Howell at Steven Alan, the shoes are from this website.

 We're sick for the second time this month. It's getting to be a bit of a drag. Today I gathered my energy and scrubbed the bathroom like never before. To me the bathroom is the most depressing place to clean. I'm always happy to clean the living room, bedroom, dining room and enjoy doing it in a weird way, but the bathroom is something I dread.

I've gotten my knitting out. I don't think I've picked up any hand knitting since last winter. I'm going to make a slouchy hat out of this beige alpaca hemp I got at Webs.  I'm glad I finally want to knit because it's really calming, a perfect activity while watching Miss Marple, Poirot, or the new season of Downton Abbey. I know it hasn't started airing in the US yet (so don't read below this if you don't want to know more) - but has anyone else been watching it through "other means" like me? What do you think? I'm a bit disappointed! The second season had ended so tense and then all the sudden it felt so flat. The fourth episode picked it up a little but still.