sweaters, clogs, etc.

Two things I've been thinking about lately - a red crewneck sweater and a pair of tan clogs. I think I had a hand-me-down red sweater like this growing up - I'm not sure where it went, but since then I feel a bit nostalgic about red sweaters. Red corduroy also gives me that same feeling but I don't think I've owned anything made out of red corduroy. Tan clogs seem perfect because they go with anything and everything, summer, winter, fall - they cover all the seasons. The above sweater is Margaret Howell at Steven Alan, the shoes are from this website.

 We're sick for the second time this month. It's getting to be a bit of a drag. Today I gathered my energy and scrubbed the bathroom like never before. To me the bathroom is the most depressing place to clean. I'm always happy to clean the living room, bedroom, dining room and enjoy doing it in a weird way, but the bathroom is something I dread.

I've gotten my knitting out. I don't think I've picked up any hand knitting since last winter. I'm going to make a slouchy hat out of this beige alpaca hemp I got at Webs.  I'm glad I finally want to knit because it's really calming, a perfect activity while watching Miss Marple, Poirot, or the new season of Downton Abbey. I know it hasn't started airing in the US yet (so don't read below this if you don't want to know more) - but has anyone else been watching it through "other means" like me? What do you think? I'm a bit disappointed! The second season had ended so tense and then all the sudden it felt so flat. The fourth episode picked it up a little but still.


Anonymous said...

a red sweater on you would be just right :)

I bought a pair of clogs like those, just a bit lighter, on our trip to stockholm last year. the most affordable thing in the city, I think!

Catherine said...

Far out, I love that MH sweater. MH in general rocks. As far as TV goes, I still haven't seen Season 5 of Mad Men. We don't get Sky (our version of cable) so I will be waiting a while I am guessing.

joyce said...

Have you seen Bosabo clogs? They're the French version of the above, and very comfy. Steven Alan sells them!

Jade said...

o man...yeah, downton is a bit flat this season forreals. i'm sad about youknowwho being killed off, but it did kind of move the plot along! the high and mighty ways of mr. crawley are getting boring, and now that lady mary is married...well, i don't really know what she's about, besides preserving her own posterity. bummer. big things with edith, though. and the o'brien/thomas tiff is fantastic, per usual. waiting for branson to develop more, and excited to see cora grow a pair.

erica said...

bathrooms really are the worst!

anyway, back to pretty clothes. red and tan is a fun combination. i've had my eye on a pair of red cords at jcrew. i need to find the time to try them on first, though.

hope you feel better soon!

kay w. said...

oh! i didn't know the new season was available to watch anyplace yet! must have to check it out. i remember being so, so antsy when the second finally ended (SO tense, jeez), so i did read ahead and that's a bummer that this season seems to fall a bit flat. but they did such a good job wrapping up some major storylines last season! so i guess it kind of makes sense that they would've needed a bit more time to write up just as juicy storylines with so many good ones having completed its cycle.

julia said...

Caitlin - I remember those clogs! I loved them. I'll have to get some too!

Catherine - Ah! I just started watching Mad Men -quite out of order I should say - I watched seasons 3 & 4 first, then 1 & 2 and I'm about to start on 5 (so you're not the only one!)

Joyce - I'm going to go look them up right now! :)

Jade - Yes I'm getting just a bit sick of Matthew too. And Mary. I was glad to see things moving along for Edith, and excited to see how everything goes with Branson.

Erica - Been thinking about going in and trying on the toothpick cords at J crew. I feel like they fit a bit different every season, or maybe I'm crazy. I've love some red ones.

Kay - It did end on such a tense -soap opera filled moment didn't it? I just finished the 4th episode and I think the writing is getting a bit better.