cheddar scallion jalapeño scones

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I baked and cooked all day today! It was so fun, I should do it more often. I keep thinking I'd get into it as a weekend hobby and today I finally did. This morning I made these scones and they turned out really, really good and I don't mind saying so. (Follow the link for the recipe). We altered the recipe just a little bit and put some jalapeños in with the dough along with making the butter to go on the side. I remember the first time I learned that cold cubed butter was the secret to pasty flakiness: a definite life changer. The dough got really sticky after I added the scallions at the end, so it's good to add a little more flour before you roll out the dough.

 The afternoon was concluded by making some pickled red onions and some mustardy brussel sprouts. Lots of salty things, but I'm totally okay with that.


jennifer said...

Yum, I love a good savory scone!

joyce said...

Those look awesome. I also love savory scones but haven't found a good enough recipe. I'll give these a shot!

Ilmarie said...

That's funny, this could be our place :-)
Same table, same plates and same napkins ;-)
And the scones remind me of muffins we once made with cheddar and broccoli, so I might have to try your recipe!

Thompson said...

Wicked! ( ^ u ^ ) I'm gonna make those tomorrow.

erica said...

oh yum, savory scones! your table looks lovely, julia. i like the glasses. i used to have a few like them, but they all broke. time to replace, i guess.

Jocy said...

This looks great. I am going to try out your recipe!