samuji - dress, jacket, shoes.


After hemming and hawing for some time about that black dress from Samuji, I decided to go for it.  I sold a lot of things that I wasn't wearing anymore and exchanged it for one piece I knew I would wear all the time.  It was worth it and I wear this dress at least twice a week.  I couldn't tell you enough good things about it - the fabric is a really soft wool (not itchy at all) and lined in a cotton/silk.  It has a very sturdy construction and I can tell it's going to last forever.  The shoes followed shortly after (size up in these, they run small!) and then I recently picked up an alpaca jacket when they started their sale.  I think it's safe to say that after this I'm hooked and not many other lines can compare in terms of fabric quality and construction.  They seem to be a  more sophisticated and higher-quality A.P.C.  The shop staff are also very nice and friendly!

I mainly mention all of this because I've had a lot of "misses" this year and it seems harder and harder to find a consistently well made line, and I know I've read on a few blogs that other people have been running into some of the same issues - problem with fit and quality.  This dress is sadly not on their site anymore, but they still have the jacket left in a few sizes.  I've only seen two retailers that carry them in the US - one shop in LA called the Foundry and I ran into a few things by chance at Jumelle in Brooklyn (they had the black dress when I was there around X-mas).  So if it seems like it might be your cup of tea, I'd say give them a go!


erica said...

gorgeous outfit, julia! everything looks so tactile and lovely, but also well-constructed.

i'm with you, i buy less and less these days because it's so frustrating to have things fall apart. jcrew is my fast fashion option, and then everything else is...? bought an MHL lambswool sweater the other day, and it makes me hopeful.

joyce said...

such a lovely ensemble. the texture of that jacket looks so warm and cuddly.

i'm trying to be better about buying only things that i know will last AND that i'll wear for a very long time. it's probably why i'm gravitating more toward classic Americana than trendy boutique-wear right now.

Meg said...

wow the dress and the coat are amazing! I love being able to find basics that are great quality and fit. It's so hard nowadays, and if you want it you have to shell out quite a bit of money. I definitely want to check out the brand at the shop in Brooklyn.

leanne said...

They look great on you! I love the dress (and shoes).

julia said...

Thank you!

Yes, I also find myself going towards pieces that will last me a bit longer than a few seasons. I think I used to find it harder to draw the line between something I like a lot to look at versus something I will wear everyday. Luckily they seem to be the best of both worlds!