Two mini duffles being shipped later this week to Myth and Symbol.  The denim leather continues to be one of my absolute favorites.  Also the favorite of my Mom and Yoshie who both have market totes in it, and now my Grandma too!  It's a family favorite, so you can't go wrong.

Untitled And, some random things I'm looking forward to this upcoming month:

- planning a March trip to San Francisco (I'm up for suggestions! Haven't been for ten years...)
- having a friend visit
- getting some new black and tan hides in
-  making some exciting business transitions
- finally acquiring a warm winter coat - oh wait, I think it's supposed to be fifty degrees tomorrow- oh well
- attempting the rock climbing wall at the gym - well, we'll see about this one, wish me luck!


Amanda said...

Julia, I am saving up to get a Riley tote. I missed out on it last year!

Carolynn Markey said...

your pictures are amazing! I love the look of that leather.

joyce said...

I'll send you an email with SF recommendations! Heading there myself in April and am so excited.

EvaForeva said...

OMG! Nelson and I were thinking to go to SF in March too but we desided to go to Miami in February instead! I am sure you will have the best time ever on your trip!

julia said...

Amanda - Yay! Glad to hear it :)

Carolynn - Thank you! Two of my favorites.

Joyce - Great! I'll be excited to get them! I know you guys go often so it'll be good to get some tips!

Jenya - Have fun in Florida! I bet you guys will get some nice weather!! :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the bag -- I got the taupe one! The leather is soft and fabric is really fabulous. Thank you for the great work!

I have known about your efforts in putting together all the beautiful bags. I love it, particularly because it is a work of art, not a luxury product from a factory.

Anonymous said...

Sf is my city.

Since its been ten years, you'll have to walk around the mission district. It's changed so much over the years. Valencia street is much more hip. Great stores and restaurants. Mission street has a lot of great restaurants. Some well known ones are brunch at foreign cinema, dinner at little baobab. There's more but it's escaping me right now. Tartine bakery involves a ridiculously long wait for yummy baked goods but I guess everyone has to do it once. I like getting sushi or Japanese at akikos on bush street near the Chinatown gate. It's tucked on a corner by an alley, that is apparently next to a great Irish pub, I wouldn't know. Lol. Ice cream at humphry slocombe in the mission and mr and mrs miscellaneous in the dogpatch. But call first. The second location is notorious for being closed when they should be open. Grant street towards north beach is a cute little short street of shopping. It's just past Chinatown. I like to do my shopping at Jeremy's but its quite the task sifting through racks and racks of clothes for some good pieces. They don't stock a lot of independent designers since they get their stock from overstock, past season merchandise, and store returns. But I've gotten nice stuff like madras by apc, Rachel comey, and sessun. Despite being super touristy I do love the occasional trek to coir tower for the views. Bernal heights park also has great views, as an alternative to twin peaks. I live near San Bruno mountain - it's great for short and long hikes and takes you to the southern edge of sf, which tourists generally avoid because there isn't much to see and do. But if you are in the excelsior, hit up taqueria el farolito. It's the sister spot to the el faro chain but I swear I love this spot most for my super quesadillas. You can also visit the California Academy of Sciences on Thursday nights for their weekly nightlife events adults only. The planetarium shows are awesome and the earthquake exhibit is fun. Not as shaky as a real earthquake if you ask me but fun nonetheless. And across is the de young museum which I think you might find unfamiliar as it is a "new" structure as of several years ago. The tower is free and offers 360 degree views of the western side of sf. Arizmendi's has several locations and offers great pizza. It's similar to cheeseboard pizza if you're familiar with the Berkeley, ca staple. Well... There's more but these are some of my fave places to be and to show others. Have a great trip!

Anonymous said...

And if you have the time please make a trip over to Sausalito to visit the Heath ceramics studio and store. They offers tours! But if you can't they do have a retail space at the ferry building which is always great for a visit.