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 My friend has been riding horses at a stable in New Hampshire for the past seven years and she always asks me to go riding with her. Of course when I finally decided to do it, I seemed to pick a day where it would be ten degrees out: whoops. Despite freezing my behind off, I did manage to get on one of the horses, the brown one above. When I got off of him at the end I slipped on the ice and fell underneath him, but he didn't seem to mind and just stood there calmly like this was a normal and he was used to it.

 Riding was followed by clam chowder and biscuits, the only way I know how to combat the weather. Speaking of cold, I don't know how much more I can take of this. Vacation anyone? I can't seem to stop dreaming about some villa on Santorini or something like that.  Preferably with a veranda looking out on the sea.