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Last week we read in the paper about a greenhouse in Walthman, MA - about a fifteen-twenty minute drive from Boston. It's part of a larger property called the Lyman Estate, which we had never heard of. It's free to walk around (both the outside and the greenhouse - though you can make a small donation if you'd like). It was the perfect escape from the drab grey winter. There were lots of flowers and interesting plants, and of course an added plus was that it was warm! Untitled Untitled Untitled
Back in Philly, one of the books I picked up was about conservatories. This one wasn't included, but it showed lots of them all over the US. I think it would be a fun goal, over time, to make a trip to each one of them. Conservatory road trip! Anyone? Untitled Untitled
One of my favorite details was the little bits of moss and grass growing in between the sides of the stairs. I can imagine little Kodama sitting on it. Plus, it's so fuzzy looking! Untitled Untitled They seem to have a few plant sales through out the year, so if you live near by I'd check it out. Jesse left with two little air plants, which he claims he won't kill because he only has to mist them.