sf trip We're leaving to go to San Francisco next week - looks like it's going to be in the 60s and I'm gleefully happy about that. While I'm not in any position to purchase anything at the moment, but if I was, the following things are enticing:

- a fuzzy sweater
- um, a classic mini would be amazing (this above everything would be the most desired, as a side note)
- carven sunglasses
- clearly I'm modest but what can I say, this is my favorite wallet
- light colored denim shorts
- I'm coming to terms with the fact that I have a soft spot for the LV Sofia Coppola PM & GM bags.  I never though the day would come where I admitted this, but it's very true.
- some burgundy flats


jennifer said...

have a great trip! it be so nice to putter around sf in a classic mini...though i imagine getting up the steep hills might be a little challenging with a stick shift. :D

julia said...

that's totally true, especially for parallel parking! i grew up driving a stick shift and now we have an automatic and i really miss it! i always feel like my other foot should be doing something.

erica said...

i really really want that LV/SC bag, too.

and those flats! you always find the nicest shoes.