Skirts are hardest piece of clothing to wear for me.  Dresses, yes, skirts, no.  In fact, I don't own a single skirt unless you count that kilt I bought in Scotland when I was thirteen.  And let's be frank, finding the proper time to wear a kilt is not the easiest thing.  This summer, I'm determined to change this (skirt wearing, not kilt wearing).  I'm convinced that the problems I've had in the past all have to do with where the waist line falls.  I can't do high-waisted skirts  because my torso is not long enough and then the waistline just ends up essentially being an empire waist right at the bustline and that drives me crazy.  If a skirt falls right at my "natural" waist, the skirt will rise and bunch when I sit down and then I have to pull it down when I stand up.  If I get a skirt with a low-rise, often time I just don't end up liking the look.

So I think the solution is to find something that probably has a mid-rise.  I also like the idea of some kind of wrap skirt that is adjustable.  I like the length of the first skirt from Creatures of Comfort, and also the above the knee length from the two Pip-Squeak Chapeau ones.  I could also try to make a skirt, which would be easy enough, I'm just feeling lazy.  First world problems, I know.