Thank you target for making my table and chair dream come true for a fifth of the cost of those pricey real ones! Summer can now begin! Very excited to come home last night and see that the small patio set I ordered had arrived. Target had a similar set to the one that I had been looking at, and much much more affordable too. One can only spend so much on something that is going to sit outside and get covered in pollen day in and out - we get a thin layer of pollen around everything near our house, so if we don't sweep every other day, by the end of the week there is so much pollen it's crazy.


erica said...

i was just going to ask if those were the Fermob ones. i have them in red, bought them in cambridge almost 10 years ago and they look great aside from a few tiny nicks.

that's a great deal on the target set! the pollen is definitely a pain, but we love eating on the deck so much that i've become accustomed to wiping everything down before every single use.

julia said...

I really wanted the fermob ones! What shop did you get them at? I've been looking around for them here but never was able to find any.

The target set seems to be holding up pretty good so far. It's definitely making eating outside more enticing! :)