IMG_9108 I'm currently looking to hire part-time help for rennes. It's high time I did this and am very excited. Please read below if this might be of interest to you.  Please feel free to pass along / share:

rennes is currently looking to hire for a part-time position (1-2 days a week) for our Boston studio.  We are looking for someone who is excited about sewing, fashion, and design, and above anything else has a positive attitude.  You will be helping with both the business and design process, so a good background in both is a must.


- Excellent sewing skills (previous work with industrial machines a big plus)
- Experience working with leather a plus
- Excellent cutting skills (Use of rotary cutter, etc.)
- Experience in pattern drafting
- Able to use Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator
- Very organized and efficient with time
- Knowledge of Fashion industry
- Experience working in retail and customer service
- Excellent communication skills
- A background in business is a plus

The Job:

Day to day tasks will vary, but will include some of the following:

- Cutting out pouches and bags
- Sewing on industrial machines
- Help with drafting new patterns
- Answering customer inquiries
- Brainstorming new design ideas
- Brainstorming business strategies
- Help filling Wholesale orders

Pay will vary depending on experience.

If you are interested, please email a CV / resume to  Please also include an introduction email stating your interests and what you think you could bring to rennes.

Thank you!