So back to the important topics of life - shoes. I don't usually get really into trendy-trend things (for lack of a better term) but I've been intrigued by D'Orsay flats. Has anyone tried on the Jenni Kayne ones? And if so, are they comfy/ how do they run?  I've barely been able to find any reviews online.  The price makes me want to run in the complete opposite direction.  I've seen a few similar ones around stores here but they seem really stiff and uncomfortable.  Part of me even likes the all black pony ones & even the leopard print - I don't know what I'm thinking.  I know all black is always the way to go.  I'm just a sucker for multiples of things lined up in a row in lots of colors.....if you hadn't noticed.


erica said...

err, how would I even keep these on my feet? I saw a woman wearing a similar pair from Zara, and she was shuffling around as if in house slippers.

then again, i'm such a baby when it comes to shoes.

julia said...

haha I'm kind of wondering that too! I've tried on something similar that was more of a sandal and it stayed on my foot, but it had more ankle coverage than these.