You'd think after living in New England my whole life I would be used to snow. Don't get me wrong, I love it and it sure looks nice. Even though this year's dose of snow has barely started I'm already having a hard time dealing with it - time to move to a warmer climate? Perhaps. I was able to sneak in to work today to ship off about half of the orders from over the holidays, but then I left early to avoid the storm. The rest of everything (pouches) will ship Monday weather permitting. Last year around this time it snowed so much that most of the streets didn't get plowed for a few days and people were getting about our neighborhood on skis!

Some snowy day projects to be worked on over the next few days: working on knitting a sweater I never finished, watching the IT crowd & Doctor Who, hanging new things on the walls, listing some things on the yard sale blog (check back over the weekend!), slogging along on some written work items, resisting sales with all my might (so far, so good!), and exercising via shoveling.  Exciting, I know.  (Yes, sarcasm)

p.s. I'm now using Stripe for seamless checkouts for all shop orders!  If you are not familiar with Stripe, it's a credit card processing system that allows you to enter your CC information directly into the site without going through Paypal.  (I never see your CC information)  Unfortunately I can't offer Stripe and  Paypal at the same time, so from now on it will just be the seamless checkout.  This will help me streamline the shipping process a lot more and save me time.  Let me know if you have any questions about it!