The past week I've been watching lots of talks by Alain de Botton....I think you might remember me mentioning him a few months back talking about the book Status Anxiety. Though many of the things he says might be obvious in a plain way, somehow they seem profound due to the examples he cites and his grasp of history.  Below are some of my favorites I've stumbled across:

I would love to go to one of his "sermons" as he so dubs them, but they are all in London.  Anyways, if you get a bit of time, I'd recommend listening to some of the things he has to say.  There are a few ted talks too, but, I get really turned off by ted talks and that 'instituion', plus these are more in depth and better anyways!

 What has frustrated me about both atheists and religions over the years is that there is nothing in the middle, which is why I find his suggestions about atheism (or "atheism 2.0) really intriguing.

Update: Emily kindly gave me a link to an upcoming talk in Brooklyn about his new book The News. More info Here. Thanks Emily!