small ceramic shop update

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 I just added some new ceramic pieces to the shop - these are all in stock and ready to ship unlike some of the other pieces which are now made to order. All the green/turquoise mugs I got back in January, and believe it or not, the glaze is the same as the turquoise glaze for the previous pieces in the shop. All these ones are much more green, and the bowl and mini mug I would consider mint. I suppose it's kind of like dye lots, but I wanted to mention it none the less.

Shipping Note : The shipping charges on my site are currently a little messed up because now I can't enter shipping costs individually for each item and have to do it by weight, which is good but also a little tricky to manage. If for some reason you are being overcharged shipping i.e: it's telling you $18 to ship a mug, check out and I will refund you the difference right away. I've tried fixing this but it may take me a bit before it's all perfect. Thanks & sorry!