meeting dress & door vest - shop update

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The Meeting Dress is in the shop now in black linen, sky linen, and a double gauze cotton gingham. Also, flash back to Fall 2012, a personal favorite of mine, the Door Vest, is back in all black linen and coming soon in oatmeal. (thanks to C for the suggestion! )

I had meant to wait to put all these out until April, but I'm not very good at waiting and I've got the winter blues so why not make summer clothes now?  So, watch for corresponding pieces, like tops, between now and then.  Right now I'm into non fussy clothes that I don't have to think about when I get dressed in the morning & this dress is perfect for that and looks pretty good (if I do say so myself) with the vest on.  The black on black combo is a personal favorite.

P.S. The dress is available with or without pockets!