fw 2014

So much black! It makes me happy. I've been working on new line sheets for next fall the past two days. Finally things are coming together! (knock on wood!)  Please email me at if you'd like me to send you these!!

   new birks!!

And, I'm so so sorry this is a foot picture. But, the new monterey birkenstocks came! Actually they first came about a month ago (sz 39) but they were HUGE so I decided to bite the bullet and pay for return shipping and re-shipping from Australia for the sz 36. The 36 is a hair small but these seem to run big so that's okay.  But I will be eternally happy for spring, right?!


Anonymous said...


eve said...

hi julia,
great post !
can you tell me how these birkenstocks are different
from the regular arizona leather ones we can find here in the soft sole or regular sole?
maybe your cork bottom is all black instead of the tan cork color? i was just not sure what made these different .
i am thinking of ordering a pair i found on zappos ...
but wanted your input first

erica said...

gorgeous sandals!

will you need a special cork sealant to keep the black looking sharp?

i'm with you on black, for some reason as spring arrives i'm starting to crave blacks and whites. maybe because it's still chilly.

kim said...

I just received a black leather bag from you and must say I love it. Your work is beautiful!