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metrode / rennes 2012:


I saw these a few months ago and tried to let it go because it's really stupid.  But, when you start to blatantly loose business because off it, it begins to make you sad / frustrated / everything in between.  

 I can honestly say I never saw anything like these irregular hand-painted dots on leather until Caitlin came up with the idea two years ago.

So, if you are comparative shopping, and feel like getting a bigger bang for your buck (coolness factor), I highly recommend these Clare Vivier ones.


joyce said...

When I saw those bags I immediately rolled my eyes. So blatantly unoriginal. Thumbs way down!!!

AJ said...

Very uncool and disappointing from someone like her (as opposed to a mass brand).

Amanda said...

I think CV has seriously gone downhill over the last few years. The leather quality is atrocious (very thin and floppy) and the workmanship has really declined. Also, if you think about it, a lot of their designs are Celine copies. It's a case of getting blog famous much too quickly. Not sure how much they still register on the "coolness" factor, they seem pretty mass market to me at this point.

Jade said...

real talk: i have tried to be "cool" with clare vivier, but i can't seem to not sell anything i've purchased from her (a duffle and a clutch, to be exact). the items photograph really well, but in real life, they are simply not so stunning. and now that i have a duffle by you, i SEE the difference in quality, texture of leather, attention to detail, that makes a rennes duffle more precious and utilitarian than a cv one.

but as long as LA and this brand of lifestyle--perfect life, cute clothes, awesome houses continue to perpetuate the myth, cv bags are gonna fly off the shelves. maybe your customers are just different. i hope you never compromise quality and design for being an "it" label. these are the very things that should make you a heritage brand.

also, what do designers do when their pieces are copied? i distinctly remember a feral childe forever 21 issue some years back. it's just gross.

leanne said...

Exactly what Joyce, Amanda, AJ have already said. The trop was a pretty cool bag, and I've been unhappy with the other couple that I owned (and sold) since. Your pouches, however, are phenomenal. And that gets me thing that I really, really want to copy Amanda's recent tote :)

kika said...

Ouch. I'm sorry.

jennifer said...

Yeah, I was also reminded of your dots when I saw those CV bags. That is super lame. I'm sorry, Julia.

JessMarie said...

I would still choose yours any day! The quality is unstoppable.

julia said...

Joyce - Thank you!! Thumbs down indeed!! I wish the key board had that as an emoticon, then I would use it, haha.

AJ - I know, it ticks me off more because of it. I could almost have it in my heart to forgive a bigger company, but I guess she has gotten pretty big at this point. Growing pains?!

Amanda - I couldn't agree with you more....I wanted to hold off from - let's see, what would I call it - Julia's biased bashing?! Haha. The quality of the leather, stitching, etc is poor to me. I repeatedly see people walking around with those Trop bags and the wrap around handles are ALWAYS broken and coming undone. It irks me that most of the bags are cheaper versions of things like the SC LV bag, yet there is so much hype. Okay, I'll make myself stop there ;p

Jade - Thank you for your kind words and more than anything it makes me so happy that you can see the difference & I'm so glad you are enjoying your duffle bag. The whole cool LA lifestyle has always been a mystery to me & I don't understand it and the hype surrounding it. It makes me think of the Weetzie Bat books I read when I was a kid. Except I enjoyed those books, haha. I promise to never compromise quality, it's the most important thing to me :)

Leanne - Thanks Leanne, I appreciate it! Yes, that's what I've heard from a few people (and from a survey I did back in the fall) that many would buy her things and then re-sell them later. And yes, do copy Amanda!! :)

Kika - Thank you!

Jennifer - Thanks Jennifer, yes, lame with a capital L. Bad Cover Version, no?! ;p

JesseMarie - Thank you very much! :)

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