new in the shop : lauren manoogian

Lauren Manoogian Tall T Dress // Natural Untitled Lauren Manoogian Tall T Dress // NaturalLauren Manoogian Tall T Dress // Black Lauren Manoogian Tall T Dress // Black Lauren Manoogian Tall T Dress // Black

 I've been a fan of Lauren Manoogian's knitwear for sometime and am thrilled to start having some of her pieces in the shop. The line is designed in New York and then ethically hand-loomed in Peru on antique knitting machines.  All of her pieces are made out of soft natural fibers that drape wonderfully.  These dresses are so amazing, it's hard to make photos do them justice!  This fall I'll have many more of her pieces (all of which I'm really excited about), and was lucky to be able to get a few of these dresses for summer, available here!

There will be one other shop update either today or tomorrow morning, so check back soon!


The Underdoggy said...

Where are your shoes from? Love them!

julia said...

The black ballet flats are repetto, the style is called manon but I don't think they make it anymore. The sandals are from Urban outfitters and come in lots of colors :)