april showers by polder

Does anyone else find themselves more drawn to childrens' clothes instead of adult clothes? Part of it is the cuts are often a little looser and less fitted, and I feel the proportions somehow look better smaller.  In the past sometimes I could get away with buying the larger sized kids clothes (thinking of my  XL Gap Kids overalls that still fit since I got them in 6th grade, haven't grown).

I love Polder's line of children's clothes, April Showers.  I had seen Polder's website but wasn't aware they had a children's line until I stumbled across it the other day.  So perfect!  The little vest is killing me, along with the socks, and pretty much all the cotton gauze dresses.


erica said...

That green dress is all kinds of perfect.

I get what you're saying about childrens' clothes. Often the same thing in an adult size doesn't work as well. It must be the proportions. Why do sarouel pants look great on my 2 year old but terrible on me?

julia said...

I know I love how the back dips down so slow! I wish I had known about it before al their stuff went on sale / sold out!

Haha, they do look really good on kids! I have a pair or two, and I feel like they look fine in the front but then the back is just like of lumpy. They are super comfy though!

Jade said...

here, here! totally more drawn to children's clothes than adult clothes. sometimes i feel like they are better made, with more small details. i also, think there's a certain freedom to them--less restricted (like you mentioned) and also meant for play.

joyce said...

Now that I'm shopping for kids' clothes I've noticed the same thing. Even Baby Gap is a million times cuter than adult Gap.